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The Parkinsons App helps you organize your everyday life. Remembering medication and eating times is a challenge with complex and changing medication schedules. The Parkinsons App helps you to stay focused on what matters most – a worry free lifestyle.

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Always in the Know

Medication Schedule

Automatic reminders. Stay on schedule wherever you go.

Easy Setup

The app will walk you through the easy schedule setup. Easy setup for patients, caregivers and doctors.

Valuable Information

Receive up-to-date information about tools and diet ideas for Parkinsons patients.

Diet Schedule

Know if you can eat and exactly when you can eat again.


Loud reminders that won't let you forget its time to medicate.

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We’re constantly improving the app to provide valuable services to Parkinson’s patients and help make their lives easier. Your support is appreciated. We’re always open to feedback from our members.

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